Andi Balla has spent the past decade working as a reporter, editor, researcher, communicator and media manager in North America and the Balkans, covering politics, business and international relations.

Andi has previously contributed to various media outlets and organisations, including serving as editorial director at Tirana Times, Albania's newspaper of record in English. He also co-founded and managed, a non-profit media organisation promoting democracy and human rights in Albania. 

In north America, he has served as a magazine editor at Thomson Reuters Canada Ltd. In addition, his freelance work has appeared in tens of media outlets, including The New York Sun and Toronto Star

Outside his work as a journalist, he served in the press office of Albania's former president, Alfred Moisiu, as well as worked for The Canadian Institute, researching business and legal trends in North America, and the Centre for International Governance Innovation, a global think tank based in Waterloo, Ontario. He has also done research on relations between Albania and Serbia at the Albanian Institute for International Studies.

Educated in the United States, he holds a master's degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and a bachelor's degree from the University of Wyoming. 

Though most of his work is done in English, he is also professionally fluent in Albanian as well as speaks good Italian and intermediate French.